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CoCo meeting of Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE)

Natasha Dimitrovska from National Council for Gender Equality participated at the CoCo meeting of the European network Women Against Violence in Vienna, Austria.

At the meeting the representatives of the organizations members of the network discussed about the current situation with violence against women in the European countries, the work of the organizations, the future activities of the network and the ways of work of the network and the organizations with the aim of improvement of the situations concerning protection of women against violence.


General Assembly of International Council of Women

The President of NCGE, Savka Todorovska, from 30.05. - 05.06.2015 attended the General Assembly of the International Council of Women in Izmir, Turkey.

Issues discussed at the General Assembly were the current activities of ICW, the situation and the problems in the countries of the organizations - members of ICW, future activities and directions of the organizations and ICW.

The General Assembly takes place twice a year, and the next will be in Luxembourg.

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Giving voice to the women from rural Macedonia

National Council for Gender Equality during the period September 2014 - May 2015 has been implementing activities in the frame of the project "Giving voice to the women from rural Macedonia", financially supported by the International Council of Women. The activities which were implemented in three rural communities: Lozovo, Studenichani and Centar Zhupa, had the purpose of improving the quality of life of women and girls, as well as improving the status of women and promoting equal opportunities.

In the framework of the project workshops were realized for strengthening of women, and the women had the possibilities to identify their needs and problems and on the basis of the identified priorities to define local actions. The local actions, which were actions for advocacy, were implemented by the women in the three communities. They had meetings with the local authorities in order to present their needs and problems and to give initiatives for their solution.

As a result of the project the cooperation between women's organizations and the local authorities was improved and future steps for mutual activities were defined with the purpose of resolving the problems and improving the quality of life in the communities.

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Women's Court - Sarajevo

After five years of preparations, from May 7. - 10. 2015, the Women's Court took place in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At this alternative court the women testified about their experiences of injustice suffered during war, conflict and peace, about the silenced, unrecognized and hidden crimes, as well as about the organized resistance of the women from the countries of former Yugoslavia.

More than 500 women took part at the Court, and NCGE is part of the organizational board of the Women's Court.

More about Women's Court can be hound here.


Education - Women's Court

On 25. and 26.04.2015, in Skopje, training was held for psychologists and psycho-therapists on the topic of dealing with women victims of violence in war and conflict. Topics elaborated in depth were: psychological consequences of trauma survivors of sexual violence in war, domestic violence and trafficking in women.

The training was lead by expert from "Medika" - Zenica, Ms. Marijana Senjak.



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