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2013 - 2014

Through access to public information to promote social protection and transparency of the local self-government

National Council for Gender Equality implements the project "Through access to public information to promotion of the social protection and transparency of the local governments."

Goals of the project are: promotion of good governance of local self-governments through the principles of openness, accountability and transparency, increasing the participation of citizens and civil society organizations in policy creation and decision making in the field of social protection at local level and promoting social protection at local level.

The project is implemented in the municipalities: Mogila, Rosoman, Arachinovo in cooperation with three youth organizations.

In the frame of the project, the local youth organizations use and promote the right to access to public information through the establishment of cooperation with local self-governments and retrieving information in the field of social protection. 

Within the project meetings with the local authorities for presentation of the results of the project activities are planned.

The project is supported by Metamorphosis.


Balkan Women Coalition for Professional Qualification and Training in the field of Business and Economic science

The idea of the project rose and was developed from partner organizations from Greece, Romania, Croatia, FYROM, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

The aim of the project is the creation of a stable and multinational network of institutions and organizations from the region of the Balkans in order to develop qualifications and organize seminars to help the women in the business filed. The main objective of the project is to create one network in order to support the cross border partnerships between educational institutions and economic and social development based on common resources. The promotion of women’s contribution to the research, innovation and awareness are some of the principles that will be followed during the implementation of the goals.

For more information about the project please visit the official web-page.

Duration: 2012/2015


Coordinated efforts - Toward new European standards in protection of women from gender based violence

Project objective: Overall objective is to contribute to the establishment of comprehensive legal and policy solutions for protection against gender-based violence in the Western Balkans, as conditions for the realisation of democracy, human rights, social inclusion and harmonisation with EU values. Specific objective is increasing capacities of women's organisations and networks in 4 Western Balkan (WB) countries for analyses, monitoring and advocacy in the field of protection of women from gender based violence, through long-term regional cooperation and learning from EU experience.

Integrating framework for partnership action is the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (CM (2011) 49 final, 7 April 2011).

Expected results:

1. Developed knowledge and skills of women’s CSOs for active participation in public dialogue and impact on decision makers in the field of protection from GBV.

2. Established dialogue between women’s organisations/networks and decision makers on harmonisation of national laws and measures for GBV victims protection with the CoE Convention.

3. Strengthened capacities of local women’s organisations for representing the rights of beneficiaries and monitoring measures of protection from GBV and social inclusion at the local level.

4. Established system for comprehensive monitoring of implementation of legal and policy solutions related to CoE Convention, by women’s CSO networks.

Duration of the project: 24 months (2013/2014)

The project is funded by the European Union.


Voice of young rural women and men

Objective: Active participation of young people from rural areas in the social life in their communities.

Activities: 3 local activities on 3 rural municipalities, 3 workshops for establishment of local action youth groups, 3 workshops for advocacy and lobbying.

Results: 60 young people from 3 rural municipalities trained for active participation in the social life in their communities.

Duration: 1.09.2012 - 28.02.2013

Donor: UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in the Republic of Macedonia

Photos here.


Facing the Past in Montenegro and Macedonia

Objective: Strengthening women's participation in the regional Women's Court in the Western Balkans.

Activities: Seminar on feminist perspective on justice, 2 workshops with the purpose of educating women on transitional justice and reconciliation, 6 local workshops for promotion of Women's Court and motivation for active participation of women from Macedonia.

Results: 100 women from Macedonia trained and prepared to participate in the regional tribunal Women's Court 2014.

Period: 01.09.2012 - 28.02.2013

Donor: Kvina Till Kvina 



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