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2008 - 2012

Macedonia without family voting

Objectives: Education of NGO representatives, from the UWOM - SOZM network on the future action for reducing the incidence of family and proxy voting.

UWOM - SOZM within the framework of the Programme for political strengthening of the women has implemented activities towards elimination of family and proxy voting, with the purpose of support for the active position of women in the voting process, as well as support of NGO in the education of the voters regarding respect for the voting rights of the women.

UWOM - SOZM has organized a seminar "Macedonia without family voting, analysis of the parliamentary elections 2008 and presidential and local elections 2009 - challenges and solutions". The seminar took place from 10 - 12 September 2009 in the hotel Skopje in Skopje.

It was implemented together with the organization "KILIM KULTUR" from Poland, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Poland.


There are 1325 reasons for implementation of 1325 UNSCR

Objectives: Informing the public about the Resolution 1325, exchange of ideas for further action and establishment of mechanisms for coordination between the participants in the trainings, contribution towards implementation of 1325 United Nations Security Council Resolution in the country and increasing the women’s participation in the decision-making processes related to peace and security.

UWOM - SOZM during the period April - September 2009 has implemented activities in the framework of the Programme for peace protection and conflict resolution.

Round tables were organized on the subject "Resolution 1325 and the role of women in peace protection and conflict resolution". 12 round tables were organized in 11 towns in the Republic of Macedonia (Veles, Tetovo, Bitola, Kochani, Shtip, Kavadarci, Ohrid, Strumica, Prilep, Struga, and in the capital Skopje 2 workshops were held).

Prof. d-r Biljana Vankovska, professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje and at the Institute for Defense, and Mrs. Savka Todorovska, president of the National Council of Women in Macedonia - SOZM were speakers on the round tables.

Donor: International Fellowship of reconciliation (IFOR)


From idea to success

Objective: Supporting women entrepreneurship.

The booklet “From idea to success” was promoted at the NGO fair 2008 in Skopje. It was then distributed to the women in whole Macedonia and at the meetings they discussed abut the key themes from the booklet.

Donor: Komercijalna Banka ad Skopje


Education of women voters

Objective: Contribution towards respecting the women’s voting right.

Activities and results: 42 educational workshops in 42 rural municipalities; 840 women voters from 42 rural and multi–ethnical municipalities motivated and educated to use their right to vote, educated about the voting process and family voting.

Donor: UNDP


Promotion of ethnic harmony among pupils in elementary schools in multi – ethnical municipalities

Objective: Contribution towards integration of pupils in rural and multi-ethnic municipalities through educational activities.

Activities: small-scale repairs in elementary schools in 7 municipalities: Staro Nagorichane, Saraj, Jegunovce, Karbinci, Rostushe, Dolneni, Chucher Sandevo, 700 educated pupils on gender concept, communication skills, democracy and children rights and common life culture.

Donor: Japanese embassy in Vienna.



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