Македонски (Macedonian)




2004 - 2007

Reduction of poverty among women in Republic of Macedonia

Objective: Education of women and strengthening of their capacities for their effective presentation on the labor market for reducing poverty and unemployment in women.

Activities: Opening and equipping the Business Training Center for Women in Skopje, dissemination of the leaflet "From Idea to Success", realization of basic and advanced computer courses, language courses in English, Albanian and Turkish, basic and advanced courses for business English, for preparation of curriculum vitae and motivation letter, courses on business plan preparation, basic trainings on marketing and management.

Donor: All – Women’s Chinese Federation


Women can do it - Strengthening of women capacities in the Parliament

Objective: Strengthening of the capacities of women members of the Parliament for incorporation of the gender concept in the legal regulations in the country. 

The women - members of the Parliament have gained knowledge and skills for lobbying and advocacy, inclusion of the gender equality concept in the general policies in accordance with the European legislation, and they actively participated in the improvement of the legislative from a gender perspective.

Donor: OSCE.  


Do not allow to be deceived

Objective: Awareness raising about the problem of human trafficking among girls and young women and other actors in the local communities in the Republic of Macedonia.

With the realized workshops, 985 young people were informed about the problem of human trafficking, with the distribution of 1000 brochures the public was informed and the collaboration with the institutions who work on this problem was strengthened.

Donor: The City of Vienna, Chief Executive Office - International Relations.


Computer skills education for unemployed young women

Objective: Increasing the competitiveness of unemployed women on the labor market.

With free courses and trainings, unemployed women have been given the opportunity to increase their knowledge and with that to be able to compete for better work places.

Donor: International Council of women


Women voters can do it 2006

Objective: Raising awareness about the political and citizen rights of the women voters.

During this project 85 workshops have been realized with women voters from all the municipalities in the Republic of Macedonia. At the workshops the women were informed about the rights of the voters and the voting process, while at the same time, a "Voting Guide" was distributed, published in Roma, Serbian, Albanian and Vlach language in 10 000 copies.

Donor: Norwegian People's Aid    



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